Tha magic of the landscape


A unique and unparalleled landscape

Lilly’s Farm works along the harmonious paths of the Prosecco DOCG hills, an ‘area characterized by a geomorphological conformation rich in steep slopes interspersed with small valleys parallel to each other.

Over the centuries, man has perfected vineyard management by hand, creating grassy terraces, the ciglioni, to help stabilize the soils. The result is that of a landscape rich in color and reflections with perpendicular rows of vines interspersed with rural settlements, forests and woodlands.


The seasons that regulate life

Lilly’s Farm’s hillside location ensures a cold, intense winter climate: short days and a steady breeze allow the grapes to dry quickly after downpours, help defend them from possible diseases, and act as a corollary to the entire pruning process.
Spring warmth, green leaves and the scents of the first blooms flood the vineyard as they wait for the sun to ripen clusters of ancient vines.
Finally, the golden autumn berries await the September harvest to return as a result of the season and the work of heroic vintners diversity of aromas that only Lilly’s Farm wines can release.


World heritage

The “terroir” of Lilly’s Farm is a magical place where man is called to be the custodian of ancient knowledge and authentic, joyful places.

In 2019, the Prosecco hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list as a cultural landscape, where the work of winegrowers has contributed to create a unique scenery. The main features of the area refer to the distinctive landscape where nature and human history have shaped an adapted and specific system for viticulture and land use.

Located along the Province of Treviso that extends from the Municipality of Valdobbiadene to the Municipality of Vittorio Veneto, the territory includes 15 municipalities totaling nearly 19 thousand hectares.

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