“We grew up in the Valdobbiadene DOCG area: our history, our affections and our memories are deeply rooted in this territory, which is why we work by carrying on the agronomic practices that have been transferred to us since childhood with perseverance, sacrifice and hard work. The direct contact that binds our winemakers to their vines is something unique: the manual labor during cultivation and winemaking gives our wine that ‘uniqueness that the most advanced technology can never restore.”

Andrea Bubola


A generational journey

Lilly’s Farm carries on the family business started in the 1970s with passion and commitment. Moved by the desire to rebuild the territory and the local economy, the family decided to roll up their sleeves and founded the farm “Le Zulle“. They set to work the plots of land in the territory of Farra di Soligo with a spirit of cooperation that still distinguishes Lilly’s Farm, which has inherited its values.

The bond with the land and its traditions have never been forgotten, so much so that respect for the little paradise and its wonderful fruits continue today through sustainable viticulture in harmony with the landscape and the philosophy of past generations. The symbiosis between man and the environment, the result of the teaching of the “old,” has allowed the winery to take care of the land with love and dedication in order to keep its geomorphological components unaltered.

It is on this legacy of principles and knowledge that Lilly’s Farm was born, a winery that manages five hectares of vineyards in the territory of Farra di Soligo, the heart of the Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG production area.



Lilly’s Farm is a ‘family-run business that carries on the philosophy of its tradition with sacrifice and hard work. The origin of the name harks back to the concept of family; in fact, both the name and logo are inspired by Liliana and Emanuele, respectively, the children of founder Andrea Bubola.

People are the driving force behind Lilly’s Farm: collaborators, supporters and friends embody a business philosophy based on knowledge passed down from their ancestors that they then make available throughout the production process to return a unique wine with a distinct personality.

The “Lilly’s Farm family” has brought a breath of enthusiasm and innovative breath typical of the younger generations without forgetting the love for their land and traditions.


Environmentally friendly

The company believes in the relationship between man and nature, is committed to keeping intact the beautiful territory of the Valdobbiadene hills and respects the environment as much as possible to offer its customers a healthy and sustainable product.

Lilly’s Farm guarantees rigorous viticulture in full respect of the ‘environment to return greater quality to pruning and harvesting without distorting the morphology of the landscape.

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